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US Soccer functions within the birth year your child was born. Please use the table below to identify what age group your child would fall under and what programs are available. Click the "View" link to jump straight to that program.









    View View View View View
2014 U4 x        
2013 U5 x        
2012 U6 x        
2011 U7 x        
2010 U8 x        
2009 U9   x x x  
2008 U10   x x x x
2007 U11   x x x x
2006 U12   x x x x
2005 U13   x x x x
2004 U14   x x x x
2003 U15   x x x x
2002 U16   x x x x
2001 U17   x x x x
2000 U18   x x x x
1999 U19   x x x x


If I participate in training, does my child automatically get placed on a travel team?
No.  You can participate in training without being on a travel team.

Can I be on a travel team without training?
DUSC requires that you have participated in our training program with the last year to travel.

What is the difference between training and footskills?
Training gives the player a complete understanding of the game, both from team and technical aspects, learning to work together. Footskills is more of a one-on-one development between the player and the ball.

Ball sizes by age

Age Ball Size #
Pre-K & 1 3 or 4
Grade 2 & 3 4
Grade 4 & 5 4 or 5
Grade 6 - 8 5

Pocket Guide for Parents

A downloadable game-time guide to the rules and the players from US Youth Soccer. Great resource for parents and parents!