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3rd & 4th Grade Coaches

As a coach the first thing you need to understand is that the players on your team are usually between the ages of 8 and 10 years old. Although the skills of players in this age group are improving it is important to remember that you cannot teach them everything about soccer and every possible move within one practice, or even the whole season itself. Continue encouraging every player to do their best and challenge each one at their own level, and pace; remember not all players are the same. As with the previous age groups, the best way to coach 3rd and 4th grade teams is by creating practices that include a lot of fun activities/ games. By doing this they will learn without even realizing it, find more enjoyment in the game, and your job as a coach will become much easier!

Here are some basic principles to remember:

  • The game is the best teacher

  • Focus on individual ball skills

  • Keep all the players moving as much as possible

  • Try not to include activities with lines

  • Encourage players to demonstrate to one another

  • Create a positive learning environment

    • Demonstrate what you are looking for

    • Use quick and simple explanations for activities

    • Support players with positive corrections and feedback

    • Continuously encourage everyone to do their best

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